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Called to be disciples of Jesus Christ, Ipswich Citadel Corps exists to save souls, grow saints and serve suffering humanity.

This is the project that Ipswich Citadel is supporting.
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The Country of Vanuatu was hit badly by Cyclone Pam in March 2015. More than half the population, 188,000 people were affected by losing roofs, jobs (tourism related
water supply to name just three.
The Salvation Army Emergency Services were asked to respond and over the following 6 months were involved in providing materials to repair toilet blocks at a local school. School meals for 1000 children for 12 weeks, 150 earthquake and cyclone proof shelters for 150 families. Replaced 5km water pipes and Fishing boats and freezers for 3 fishermen and provided the finance to rebuild a two classroom Kindergarten.
The Salvation Army has a small worshipping community on two islands and help were
given to people within the area who were also affected, initially vouchers were distributed to purchase roofing materials as required, and vegetable seeds were donated to replace lost produce due to the flooding which also happened.
Because of the work already completed and other work that still needed monitoring, an Australian Officer has been appointed to oversight the SA work on the islands and through money raised by him and likeminded people including some of the emergency services team, we have been able to rebuild the shelter used for worship. This is a simple structure of upright posts with a galvanised roof, no walls, and planks of wood placed on breeze blocks for seating. This is on land owned by the leader of the group. In this ‘yard’ there are 4 families living in what would look like rough garden sheds. More recently we have been able to provide shelters for them.
Currently we are trying to raise money to build an ablutions block- to include toilets and shower facilities near to the worship shelter which will be used by the four families and those in the wider community. Also to provide water tanks for each family as fresh water is expensive. On the other island of Anatom, we are raising money to build a worship shelter (as above) for the growing Salvation army community there.
Any money raised will be used in full for these projects. There is no administration costs incurred
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